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Sugita Confectionery

Sugita Zanmai

These are highly honored Japanese confections
that have won various awards.
We hope you will enjoy our proud products.

"Isokaze", Kanagawa Prefecture-designated famous confectionery

It was designated as a famous confectionery by Kanagawa Prefecture in 1969. The sponge cake buns are coated with refined yokan. The Isokaze has a rich flavor of the seashore as a reminder of the Byoubu-Gaura coast, once a scenic location.


"Einin no Kane", Winner of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award

Awarded the above prize at the National Confectionary Exposition. The flavorful confectionary uses fresh cream in the dough and is baked with a purple sweet potato bean paste. We recommend pairing it with coffee or tea.

Einin no Kane

"Ume Sayaka", Isogo's proud products

This product won the Food Agency Director-General's Award at the National Confectionary Exposition, and has been well received as "Isogo no Ippin" (Isogo's proud products). It is a confectionary made by wrapping plum nectar in Momoyama-dane and baking it to balance the sourness and sweetness of the fruit.

Ume Sayaka


Home of the Sugita Flowering Plum

Sugita Ume Plums

Sweets with a Sense of Sugita Ume

The Sugita Ume Festival is held in the hope of restoring the Sugita Flowering Plum. Sugita was once known as a famous Ume (flowering plum) viewing spot visited by many writers and artists from as far as Edo (old name of Tokyo).

Sugita Ume Manju" and "Sugita Ume Yokan" were created in collaboration with the Sugita Ume Festival, and are made with Sugita ume, a type of Japanese plum native to Sugita, for a refreshing taste.

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